The door

(Based on Magda Szabó’s novel of the same title)
A Hungarian-German Co-Production Feature

Director: István Szabó
Producers: Jenő Hábermann – Sándor Sőth
Screenplay: István Szabó – Andrea Vészits – Géza Bereményi
Cinematographer: Elemér Ragályi
Main Cast: Helen Mirren, Martina Gedeck, Károly Eperjes, Enikő Börcsök,
Ági Szirtes, Ildikó Tóth, Gábor Koncz

“The Door is a special work, which is about both faith and the lack of it. Besides the deep-rooted issues of Hungarian history, the film also tackles universal human problems. At first sight the film seems to be is about the encounter and the evolving relationship of two strong characters grown up in two cultures very far from each other. [….] And, although we have filmed the relationship of two people, we hope the viewers will understand: the story copes with the question whether we can interfere in another person’s life, and if so, how far we can go and were the limits are.”

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