About Us

Founded in 1992, FilmArt Production Company is one of the largest and most respected companies in the Hungarian film industry. Its founder-director, Jenő Hábermann has over 40 years of  experience in production and works with some of the finest and most accomplished directors, cinematographers in Central Europe.

The company’s credits include feature-, television films and -series, as well as documentaries and commercials. Although many film companies have been specialised to produce either features, or documentaries or television programs, Filmart’s strength and professionalism make possible that the company keeps on producing different film genres.

FilmArt has co-production partners in Europe, the United States and Canada and has worked with filmmakers and actors that include Academy Award winner director Istvan Szabó, Academy Award Winner actress Helen Mirren, Christopher Lambert, Maia Morgenstern and Jean Dellanoy.

FilmArt has produced commercials for companies that include Ford, Shell and Unilever.