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A Perfect Killer

In Budapesten, an enigmatic man is preparring for a murder. The victim is the Turk Selim Hikmet, who runs a restaurant and night club well-kown for drogs. In order to misguide the police, the man selects a false killer as well.  The pretty, 20 year old, Kurdish Petra, addicted in the past seems to be perfect for the role.

She, still depresssed by the dead of her friend Fanni works in a bar. Fanni and Petra under drugs had a car accident, and Fanni’s father Endre Kamenár, a police inspector  blames Petra for his daugther death.

The murder is done, but mistake has happened. Petra has escaped, but she is the most suspected. Police inspector Endre Kamenár does all to catch Petra.

Petra is in bad way to prove her innocence and to find the proof obtained by police inspector. She decides to look Kamenár up.

Their struggle seemingly unequal takes an unexpected turn, when they realise to be part of a bigger game. Police inspector, hungry for a personal revenge until now, starts to trust the girl and hides her in his flat.

In the process of investigation, Kamenár finds out that such kind of murder is not a single case. Previously, the victims and the false killers were criminals but succeded to slip out of police. Kamenár suspects everybody, except Petra, who turns from suspected to allied person. Or, in contrary? Is this merely an appearance? Are there other hidden intention and forces?

Beside Kamenár and Petra’s relationship filled with eroticism and fight, there are other relations: brutal, but untouchable criminals followed by the powerless police. The multilevel plot turns to unexpected and thrilling situations.

Director: József Pacskovszky

Producer: Jenő Hábermann

Cinematographer: Francisco Gózon

Screenplay: József Pacskovszky, Zsolt Pacskovszky

Main Cast: Zsolt László, Nóra Hőrich, Győző Szabó, Tamás Szabó Kimmel


T H R E E I N T H E  R A I N

There is no reality, just interpretation…


This is one story told from three points of view.

Three different stories, three different lives, and three different truths

The film builds a puzzle box of pieces that fall into place by the end.

This is the story of Peter,

a middle aged Hungarian man who desperately wants to change his life.  He tries to escape from his Eastern-European mid-life crisis, and elope with Irene.

This is the story of Stephen,

a well-heeled Scotsman, who wants to change his past, re-live his first love, and start a new family.

This is the story of Irene,

a woman of Polish origin, in her prime, who seems to have lived an ordinary life until she finds herself in an emotional war zone, blackmailed by those she loves.


drifts into a one night stand with Irene, an attractive Polish-English interpreter who works in Edinburgh. Peter is married and has a child, but more and more he feels that he is ready to give up everything for Irene. When he loses self-control and his family make him an outcast, he feels his only chance is to convince Irene to start a new life with him in Scotland.


is in his mid-50s, and is the new Dean at the Edinburgh University, but now longs to find peace in his hectic and formerly lecherous life. He leads a privileged lifestyle as his wife owns a successful gallery and auction house. But twenty years on, he is reacquainted with his first lover, Irene. Stephen is used to getting what he wants by any means, and he soon realizes he still has emotional sway over Irene. He feels that this is his last chance to make amends for his past sins and escape his humdrum marriage.


meets Stephen, her former professor and first lover, whom she has long resented for abandoning her many years ago. But following a tragic twist of fate, Irene spends a night with Peter, who is some years younger than her. Irene, who had always been faithful to her elderly husband, soon finds herself caught between Stephen and Peter. The burden of guilt lays heavily on her shoulders, as her husband gave up his career to be with her and raise her daughter Julie, who is from a previous relationship. Irene’s plight becomes unbearable when her daughter rebels against her, but as she buckles under the strain of her relationships, she remains oblivious to the fact that Julie is now becoming acquainted with Stephen…

On a rainy day in Edinburgh, the three stories intertwine to become

one single story of destructive passion.